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Welcome to NINJA Launcher! This is a permissionless platform for launching tokens and much more. Select what you would like to do. Read the instructions in each tab and feel free to ask questions in the NINJA Telegram.

It will require .1 INJ to create a token. This is not a fee from NINJA, but a requirement from the blockchain for launching new tokens.

You will be the admin of the token, unless you choose to revoke the admin rights as part of this process (recommended).

For using this service NINJA will charge a fee of 0.5% of the total supply of the token. This fee will not be sold immediately, but will be distributed to NINJA holders over time as a reward for holding NINJA.



Launch Options



Token Metadata



Confirm and Launch

Launch Options

Token Type
Select the token type that suits your needs.
Revoke Admin
If you want to revoke the admin rights of the token.

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